49ers Are A Great Off-Season Study

By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 5, 2020
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The San Francisco 49ers did not win the Super Bowl Sunday night. However, anyone who knows football knows that if a play or two would have gone the other direction then it’s a different story.

We have spent the entire pre-season, season and post season working with USA Football’s Keith Grabowski studying NFL and college teams each week. I can’t think of anyone out there that has been more creative than the 49ers offense.

Their defense is obviously stellar as well but the offense is worth a serious off season study from beginning to end. The Super Bowl was not an exception. We have pointed out here on many occasions that the 49ers do a great job at stretching the field with the jet sweep.

They have also built many different things off of it. When we saw this play, it had elements of this 2019 49ers’ offense but also it looked a lot like some of those Denver Broncos offenses in the 90’s. As we all know that should not be a surprise.

As you watch this play take the jet part out of it for a moment and see if you see what we see. This is an outside zone play with a lead blocker that hits exactly where it is designed to hit.

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