49ers Plays Have A Progression
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 24, 2020

One of the great things about the 2019 football season has been watching the evolution of some of the offenses at the college and NFL level. Let’s face it, when you are coaching you don’t really have enough time to study someone else during the season. (at least if you’re coaching correctly)

The San Francisco 49ers are a good example. We, like many others, thought they would be a much improved football team this season. That was primarily because of Jimmy Garoppolo.

As the season revealed about half way in, this was a very good team on both sides of the ball. It became apparent that this team was going to challenge for the title. We did not see that coming.

We ended up studying the offensive side of the ball several times on All 22 Tuesday with my friends Keith Grabowski and Zach Dunn over at USA Football.

It became apparent early that this offense was going to stretch you sideline to sideline. They gave you plenty of mis-direction and at times gave you unconventional false keys. To top it off, as the Packers found out, this is a very physical offense that is not afraid to get into two backs and beat you up.

Finally on our way out, we want to point out that they are not just calling plays. They have built this offense week on top of week with plays that come off of previous plays. We will share a few of them below that you can bet the Chiefs are focusing on every day this week.

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