4v4 Flag Football Pop A Wheelie

By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 6, 2021

Here at FirstDown PlayBook we understand that some of you play 4v4 flag football. Numbers can be hard to come by these days but that has not slowed s down. it shouldn’t slow you down either.

Let the folks who provided the first ever womens’ flag football national champions with their playbook resource provide yours too! We like to show you instead of sell you so take a look at just one of the plays we offer in your 4v4 flag football section.

You will see the detail that is offered along with the coaching points for every player on the field. Of course you know you can edit the plays and defenses (Yes we have Defenses too) to fit your system.

Here’s the other thing. You have the access to all of the FirstDown PlayBook flag football plays. Not just the 4v4 flag football plays. If you see a 5v5 flag football plays that you like just click and edit! You now have your very own personalized 4v4 flag football play.



Under Center: Take a 5 step drop.

Shotgun: Take a 3 step drop.

Read: X-Z-C

Read the X as you take the 5 step drop.

If the X gains inside leverage or wins over the top throw the ball to the Post.

If the defense bites inside on the Post or on the early path of the Z throw the Wheel route.

Throw this ball the same as a Go route. Out in front on to outside, never inside.

If the strong side defense sinks to take away the X and Z look for the Center coming back into your vision late.

X: Post

-Best release and get vertical quickly.

-At 10 yards nod outside and then break inside.

-Get inside across the face of the Defender to that side.

Center: Under Route

-Execute the snap and work to the weak sideline with tempo.

-At 7-8 yards depth plant and return back underneath,

-Stay flat to negative as you travel with pace back inside.

-Look for the ball as you cross back in front of the QB.

Z: Wheel Route

-Release flat first and take a path directly over where the X lined up.

-As you cross the LOS begin to work vertically.

-Establish a straight stem by the depth of 8 yards.

-From this point everything is executed as if running a Go route.

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