5 Ways This Helps You Teach Flag Football

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 23, 2021

The longer you coach, the more you appreciate the value of teaching your players in as many different ways as possible. There are several reasons for this.

First of all, you may not know how all of your players learn when you first start coaching them. Until you do, it is a good idea to approach it from several different angles to make sure the message gets home.

Secondly, it’s always good to reinforce your coaching points. If you can take it from the playbook, to the grease board, to the walk through, to practice, you are going to begin to see the benefits of repetitive learning.

FirstDown PlayBook thinks about this with each and every play diagram we draw for you. Below is one of your flag football plays. Notice the number of ways we help you reinforce your teaching.

  1. Clean Colorful Drawings: It matters. You want drawings that your players will want to look at. That’s the point right?
  2. A Teaching Progression: Notice how the Quarterback has a 1-2-3 progression that is taught not only with numbers but colors as well.
  3. Text On The Drawing: Sometimes the best place to put the instructions for a player is right beside the assignment on the drawing.
  4. Detailed Coaching Points: Look, we understand that this may actually be for you, the coach, when you are coaching flag football but if it benefits the player in the long run then it’s a good thing.
  5. Multiple PlayBook Tools To Use: With FirstDown PlayBook you have individual plays like this, but also PlayBooks, PlayGrids and the very popular WristBand Sheets. Once again, the more ways you can teach the better!

So if you are about to embark on your annual quest to find sound flag football plays, that you are going to have to draw and then do heaven knows what to get ready for practice, we have a suggestion…


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