5v5 Flag Football Reverse Pass

By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 12, 2022

The first question is, are you ready for a flag football reverse pass? There’s a good chance that the answer is no. Before you run this 5v5 flag football trick play you should have run at least two other plays. (Maybe 3).

You should have lined up in the FirstDown PlayBook Deuce formation. It is a core formation because it spreads the field and makes the defense balance up. After that you should bring that Z in motion or just cut their split a little. When the ball is snapped you would have handed the ball off to the F. The Z on the around is just a decoy.

As soon as the defense is certain that the Z is a decoy you want to give the ball to the F and then have them hand it off to the Z on the reverse. When you coach this, the number one thing to emphasize is that everyone has to play fast. If you tip toe through it the defense will recover and chase down the ball. The ball handling has to be practiced full speed.

This Is A Complex Play But You Get Four Plays In One With It

The reason we said there could be a third play before you actually dial up the play you see open this page is there is a drop back pass. It takes a little while for this to develop and you have to be careful to not take a sack. However, the misdirection can slow down the pass rush especially if you have run the two plays we just described. Your read would be X to Center.

Learn How To Set Up Your Flag Football Plays

Now to the flag football reverse pass you see here. Have your quarterback take off up the field after they hand the ball off to the F. As the F and Z are going through their mechanics, your quarterback will have time to get to 8-12 yards depth. This depth will be mostly determined by the Z’s arm strength.

As the Z comes around on the reverse, they will pull up and throw the ball to the quarterback. Odds are your quarterback will be alone. Your Z needs to make sure this is a catchable ball. Nothing flashy needed here. Just an accurate pass.

As we close out today we want to remind you how we started this post. We suggest that you make sure and that your team is ready for this flag football reverse pass before you call it. On a positive note though, you are going to find that you have created two or three effective plays as you set the defense up for this one!