6v6 Flag Football Zone Defense
By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 18, 2019

We had a FirstDown PlayBook flag football coach sort of call us out the other day. He said that in one instance we had said that you probably should not play zone defense with your flag football team.

He then mentioned that we have emphasized many times here on FirstDown PlayBook that a bunch formation is hard on man coverage due to all of the potential picks and rubs.

He has a point. At the end of the day however, we do stand by both statements. We have mentioned here previously that it is nearly impossible to play zone defense with the smaller numbers (4v4 and 5v5 flag). It’s also hard if your players are very young.

If you have older players and are in a league that plays with six or more players then we are a little more optimistic about it. Todays short video takes you through some considerations if you want to mix in a little zone defense into your 6v6 flag football game plan.

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