6v6 Modified Football Defense Added

By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 6, 2019

“One Place. All the Football.” You’ve heard it here more than once and today we want to point out one more way it is fact. We alerted you several weeks ago that we would begin to add modified football plays to FirstDown PlayBook.

Some of you might not even be aware of what modified football is or why it is. The short explanation is that modified football is any form of the game that is played with different numbers than the 11 vs 11 version we are familiar with.

This could include 6v6 football which our friends to the north at Football Canada call “6 a side” football. Our partners over at USA Football have a version they call “Rookie Tackle” which is 7v7 football with a variety of different rules.

In certain parts of the US there are high schools that play 8 man football and 9 man football due to having smaller populations in their communities. Just look to Canada once again and you will see their game that includes 12 players per side and many different rules than our version of football.

Starting to get the picture? This is why FirstDown PlayBook is getting busy building a Modified Football section that will eventually include all of these variations. Today we have a short video that explains how we have built a 6v6 defense section and where you can find it in FirstDown PlayBook.


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