7v7 Flag Football Defense Disguise

By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 7, 2022

FirstDown PlayBook has been very impressed with the level of play we have seen with the 7v7 flag football defenses over the past several years. Coaches have done a good job of creating a little deception by hiding their defense until the ball is snapped.

This has revolved around hiding who the rusher to the quarterback is. It has also been used to disguise coverages. You have read it here before. It is hard to play anything but man coverage if your numbers are 4v4 or 5v5. There is just too much turf to cover and not enough defenders.

It is also difficult to teach young flag footballers zone coverage concepts. Your best bet there is to play man coverage and keep the coverage as simple as it can be. It is also good for young players to begin learning the fundamentals of defending another player one on one.

There are times to play zone coverage though. Today’s video looks at how to disguise two different coverages with your 7v7 flag football defense. When you take these two zone defenses and blend them in with man coverage, you may not need another defensive look all game, unless you want to play a version of a 3-3 with one rusher.

Your Call Will Tell Your 7v7 Flag Football Defense What You Want To Defend

The key here is that you can play a 2 deep and a 4 deep defense and make them look the exact same, pre-snap. Some may ask, “why do you need both?”. It’s a fair question. However, we think it gives you chance to play situational football based on the down and distance.

Bring Pressure With Your 7v7 Flag Football Defense? We Think So.

It also gives your 7v7 flag football defensive players a built in clue to what you are thinking. When you call up a 4 deep coverage, you are saying keep the ball in front of you, and break up on any catch before they make a first down. When you call a 2 deep coverage, you are immediately letting them know that you want the underneath routes contested.

Of course, you will find these and several other 7v7 flag football defenses in FirstDown PlayBook. You can grab one of our defenses and edit it to fit your defense. You can also quickly draw up your own defensive playbook and create your own defensive templates.