8 Man Football Defense Adjustments

By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 25, 2021

The number one thing any defensive coach has to do is get their players lined up to the offensive formation. After that, they have to focus on adjusting to any shifts and motions gets mixed into the equation.

As we have expanded the FirstDown PlayBook 6 man football and 8 man football this is how we have approached it too. With so much going on we have had to prioritize our work.

For the present we are providing you with several different defenses and then we adjust those defenses to various formations. This way we can hand you the chalk to finish it up for your 8 man football defense.

Rest assured, we are coming back to include the coaching points and player assignments at some point. Here’s the bonus for those of you detailed enough to read this far.

We are launching massive improvements to FirstDown PlayBook on May 17. Once we release that we are going to turn our focus to these areas:

  1. 8 man football coaching points
  2. 9 man football (Offense & Defense)
  3. 12 man football (Offense & Defense)

Stay tuned…This is going to be a fun fall for FirstDown PlayBook, football and you.

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