8 Man Football Is Here!

By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 26, 2020

FirstDown PlayBook is happy to announce that we are beginning to release 8 man football plays today! Over the past year we have had many requests for this.

We will start with the offensive side of the ball and release multiple formations. Every one of these 8 man formations will have a variety of football plays in them.

Over the next few weeks you will see these plays drawn up against multiple defenses just as we do with all FirstDown PlayBook run plays. Coaching points and player assignments will also be installed as we continue to build this section.

Take a quick look at this short video and we will explain how you can find these plays in FirstDown PlayBook. That way you can grow with us as we continue to install 8 man football plays.

Of course, you can always get started immediately with editing these plays. The FirstDown PlayBook editing tool will be your best friend with the 8 man football section just as it is with all of the others!

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