9 Man & 12 Man Football Install Update

By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 4, 2021

It’s a holiday weekend and happy Labor Day by the way! We wanted to give you a 9 Man and 12 Man football install update. By the end of this weekend you will have plays in every run area you choose. As many of you know we break our run game into several different areas.

One of the more popular ways we break them up is by “Run Type”. You can choose “Sweeps’ “Traps’ or one of multiple other run types. This allows you to get right to a football play that is 90% drawn up before you even touch it.

Please keep in mind that football is football. If you do not find the play you are looking for in your 9 Man or 12 Man football area, you will find it in another area.

FirstDown PlayBook will also install defenses in both 9 man and 12 Man football areas. This is not that big of a deal because you can just vertically flip any FirstDown PlayBook play and you are off and running. That’s a big point with FirstDown PlayBook. If you are drawing a play that Vince Lombardi or Bear Bryant drew you are wasting time. We have it.Which means you have it

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So if you are a FirstDown PlayBook college coach we are watching you on TV. FirstDown PlayBook High School coaches, we hope you won last night. Youth and Flag football coaches? we hope you are enjoying your families and are taking advantage of the extra time FirstDown PlayBook offers you!