9 Man & 12 Man Football Installs Begin Today

By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 4, 2021

The FirstDown PlayBook 9 man football and 12 man football installs will begin later today. We will begin quality controlling the plays and defenses today and you will see these two sections grow throughout this month.

We will begin with installing the run game on the offensive side of the ball for both sections. The process might take a little longer than you would expect due to the fact that we want to include coaching notes with all of the plays.

Here are three ways we will catoragize these offensive installations:

Multiple Formations

This is a big part of these two installations. Obviously, 9 man football coaches and 12 man football coaches have different philosophies within that branch of the game. Our FirstDown PlayBook coaches made sure that we included multiple formations within these two sections.

Some of you may like to run a compact option type system that fits your teams’ skill set. Others may want to spread it out similarly to what you see in our 11 man sections. You will find plenty of both in these two new sections.

Run & Pass & Sub Categories

The plays will obviously be broken up into runs and passes. From there we will organize it similarly to the way we have the 11 man football section. The idea is to get you to what you are looking for as quickly as possible.

The pass game will be broken into areas like DropBack, Play-Action and Boots. The run game will likewise be organized into run types like Power, Sweeps and Traps.

Blocking Schemes vs Multiple Fronts & Defenses

Finally, we will block these 12 man football and 9 man football plays up against more than one defense. We will block the plays up vs an odd and an even defensive scheme. Where it makes sense we will even add additional defenses that you might see.

Now if you are new to FirstDown PlayBook (not many folks are these days) you may not know it but you can edit anything in this section. We are not trying to coach your football team. We are trying to help you coach your football team.

Speaking of which, it’s football season. You better tap on one of these plays so you can get started right away!