Adding Video Clips Just Got A Lot Easier

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 12, 2021

Anyone who’s coached enough football knows the value of integrating a football diagram with the actual video of the play. FirstDown PlayBook has been working very hard on this. We are glad to report that adding video clips to FirstDown PlayBook just got a lot easier.

Now, before we go any further, it’s important to know that we do not have plans to get in to the sports video business. Our focus is squarely on staying the best digital football playbook resource available to you.

Back to our original point though. Many of you have been suggesting ways that we can make it easier for you to teach using FirstDown PlayBook and video. We think you are going to like the new changes for this season.

Here are three things that are different and better about the FirstDown PlayBook video clip integration for this football season.

It’s Easier To Find

You will see how we have all of the FirstDown PlayBook editing functionality on one simple dashboard. If you have a video clip you would like to add to your football play it is very simple and easy to find.

Once you are looking at this you will see that you can now easily add multiple videos for each and every diagram. Once you do this and save your play a small camera symbol will show on that play tile indicating a video is attached.

You Can Now Add Your Hudl Highlights

We obviously field a lot of questions about integrating with Hudl and we understand that. It just makes sense that you would want to use the industry leaders in both video and digital playbooks.

However, ware not there yet but there are solutions to help you in the meanwhile. You will see that you can now add Hudl highlights to your plays in FirstDown PlayBook. Many of you have been dropping your FirstDown PlayBook play diagrams into your Hudl video clips. This is just one more way we are trying to make it easier for you as you use the two technologies at once.

You Can Add Multiple Videos To One Play Drawing

It has been interesting to watch and learn how coaches are using the video integration to teach. It is often the case where you are using multiple videos. The first video is a clip of a clinic with the installation. The second is often a clip of the actual play as it is run in practice or a game.

Once again, our idea is that we need to listen to you, the coaches and grow FirstDown PlayBook in ways to help you. Take a quick look at this video and you will see a prime example of this.

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