Adjust With Your Flag Football Defense PlayGrids

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 17, 2021

There are so many things that are different from tackle football and flag football. Here is one thing that is not. You had better get your defense adjusted. When we designed your flag football defense PlayGrids we had all this in mind.

Most coaches focus on their flag football formations and plays. That’s good but your defense is critical too. Be organized with your defensive adjustments or it can be complicated.

That can get even more complicated if you want to play multiple defenses. The FirstDown PlayBook PlayGrid function makes all this easy for you. Most players are very visual.

If you can put two different situations right next to one another and compare the differences and similarities you have something. Your players are always looking at one thing first. What is my job?

As a coach you need a quick and efficient way to get this across to them. Our flag football defense PlayGrids makes this easy. We are using this flag football defense situation in the video below as an example.

Flag Football Defense: Man Vs Zone Coverage…

Now let’s talk about the football part of it. Regardless of the age you coach with flag football you will play man coverage a lot. Better not play it so much that the offense knows it is a 100% kind of thing though.

Unless you are coaching 10 year old players and younger it’s good a good idea to play a little zone coverage. If you want examples watch how the best teams in the NAIA Women’s championship did it this year. They put on a clinic.

How many of you play zone and man coverage? We would love to hear from you. Just be sure to let us know how old your players are because that helps us a lot.

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