All 22 Looks At The Raiders’ Short Yardage Stunt

By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 14, 2021

Today’s FirstDown PlayBook All 22 look comes from last night’s game between the Raiders and Ravens. Gus Bradley dialed up a very gutsy short yardage stunt on 4th and 1 that worked perfectly. It came at a critical time as the Ravens were driving with only 1:13 left on the clock in the half.

The ball was on the Raiders’ 36 yard line and Lamar Jackson was doing what Lamar Jackson does. That is to say he was making a lot of defenders miss. This is why even though it was 4th and 1 the defense had to still respect the perimeter run.

Let’s face it, when you are the defensive coordinator the odds are heavily against you to get a stop here. When you look at it that way you say “Why not roll the dice here?”. As long as it is sound a short yardage stunt is a good way to think.

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The Ravens had 6 offensive linemen in the game, along with two tight ends. The Ravens had also just lost one of their offensive linemen to an injury the play before. This may have affected their decision to keep the ball downhill and inside the tackles.

Not sure if that weighed into the defensive call or not. It could have been discussed during the injury timeout. What we do know is that this was not the first time KJ Wright had seen this tight end shift and then another in motion. Once #42 for the Ravens went in motion, the Raiders Wright knew he was coming in the A gap.

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The result was a tackle for a loss that most certainly took important points off of the board and created momentum going into the locker room at half. Here’s a drawing of the Raiders’ short yardage stunt that paid big dividends last night.