All 22 Tuesday Features Arizona Christian & Higuera’s Big Leg

By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 30, 2021

We say it a lot here at FirstDown PlayBook. All football is situational football. This week’s NAIA All 22 Tuesday football play is our latest case in point. Let’s look at the tremendous last-second field goal by Arizona Christian’s Nestor Higuera.

Higuera nailed a 46 yard game winning field goal this past weekend vs Southwestern Assemblies of God University (SAGU) this past weekend. Hats off to Higuera as this kick would be big at any level of football.

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We want to take a second to look at it from the SAGU perspective for a moment though. There are several ways to look at defending a long desperation field goal like this. SAGU elected to put a returner back deep for this play.

Their thought process may have been that there were a lot of big bodies on the field for Arizona Christian (including the kicker) and if the ball were returnable then the odds were in SAGU’s favor.

However, another way to look at this situation is that the kicker, and we mean any kicker, is going to have to drive this ball to make this long field goal. Think a 2 or 3 iron. When the ball is driven it is going to come off of the kickers foot lower than normal.

Another approach would have been to keep all 11 players up on the line of scrimmage and use two leapers to attempt to block the kick. We are not saying that this would have worked but it is another way to look at this game situation.

For now though, it is congratulations to Maunuel Higuera and the 14th ranked Arizona Christian Firestorm football team. Let’s take a look at the rest of the FirstDown PlayBook NAIA Football Top 25 Poll! Tap on the logo below to check it out!