All 22 Tuesday Features Rams Pats & More!

By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 19, 2019

Sometimes as an offensive coordinator you find two plays that fit so well together that they can be dialed up as counters to one another. The only thing better than that is if you have ONE play that can be run two different ways based on the defensive look.

Here at FirstDown PlayBook we are pretty sure that’s what the Rams had going on against the Bears on Sunday night. Todd Gurley had nearly one hundred yards rushing against the Bears in LA. The majority of these yards came off of this one play.

The play is part “bend” and part “counter”. The unique thing about it to us is how the Rams are getting the defense softened up with the jet arc to the play side. It is also how they are getting their counter pull from the backside receiver ON the line of scrimmage.

Today on All 22 Tuesday, USA Football’s Keith Grabowski will join us as we dissect this play and three others from this past weekend of football.