All 22 Tuesday Is Back Today!

By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 15, 2020

The FirstDown PlayBook All 22 Tuesday is back starting today. For any newcomers out there, this is something we do every Tuesday during the football season.

We take four four football plays from the NFL or college football games that week and we draw them up for you. We include all 22 players with their numbers and what happened on that play.

We also work with Coach and Coordinator’s Keith Grabowski and we do a short podcast for each play. We just point out some of the finer points that we have noticed about the plays. Our goal is to go back and enjoy some of the best plays from the weekend but to also learn from them.

We are also excited to announce that this season we will have a special contributor each week. We will take one play each week and highlight a player who is a difference maker on that play. The Scouting Academy’s Dan Hatman will assist us with this.

Dan and his crew do a phenomenal job with keeping up with the NFL personnel as well as training our next generation of scouts and personnel folks out there. This will be a great addition to our weekly podcast.

Finally, we are also happy to also welcome FNF Coaches to our All 22 Tuesday team. They do a tremendous job of getting solid helpful content to high school football coaches. We are pleased to be able to provide some of the insight from All 22 Tuesday for their curriculum!

Here is one of our plays we will review later today. This was a huge play in Sunday’s New Orleans vs Tampa Bay game. Tap on this play to see how the Saints sealed the game up with this perfectly executed sky kick!

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