All 22 Tuesday Looks At 5’9 vs 6’5: Technique Matters

By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 3, 2020

How does a 5’9 defensive back go up and make a play with a 6’4 NFL wide receiver? Well, you are about to see that here in a second. Denver’s Bryce Callahan played this ball beautifully Sunday against the Chargers’ Mike Williams. Our personnel expert from the Scouting Academy, Dan Hatman, takes you through this big time play.

There is more to it than that though. There are some things in this football play that cannot be ignored if you are coaching the receivers. You can bet they discussed some of these this week in the Chargers’ meeting rooms.

Before anyone starts beating up on Herbet, the Chargers’ quarterback, let’s look at a few other factors on this play. Yes, Herbert could have put the ball higher and more to the outside.

However, keep in mind, that he does not want that ball to drift off of the playing field negating Williams’ chances of going up and making a play.

If Williams will keep his stem straight for one more stride rotation this would be a different story. If he does this, he will maintain his two way go and Callahan can’t begin to squeeze the route like he does in this clip.

The intent here is not to beat up on anyone. However it is a great lesson for any young receiver out there. Defensive backs are coached too. All things being equal, technique can make the difference. That’s even if equal means 6’5 vs 5’9.

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