All 22 Tuesday Returns In Two Weeks!

By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 1, 2020

One of the clear favorite FirstDown PlayBook features over the past two years has been the All 22 Tuesday blogs and videos. This is where we slow down each and every Tuesday during the football season and dissect four football plays from the previous weekend.

We are fortunate to be joined by Coach & Coordinator’s Keith Grabowski for this unique look at each week. Why is it unique? Several reasons. First, we actually look at the entire football play, not just what the person with the ball did.

Our crew bridges the gap between the excitement of a spectacular play and the granular details that the coaches are seeing. We do this with the detailed football play diagrams that FirstDown PlayBook is known for providing as well as a look at the video clips of the featured plays.

A lot of work goes into tying in how the techniques and schemes involved with these plays are relevant to you as a coach. Heck yeah, it is exciting to see a great play or defense or special teams scheme reveal itself during a game. It’s also very interesting how those very same techniques and schemes are showing up at the high school and even youth football levels.

As the NFL season will finally kick off two weekends from now, so will we. We hope that you will put each Tuesday on your calendar. Be sure to check here on the Coaches Community website for the blog as well as on our Youtube channel for play breakdowns!

On our way out we also want to mention that as you are watching the weekend action, keep this in mind. One of the hardest things about the All 22 Tuesday feature is to see all the plays. Yeah, we can draw them and dissect them but we need your help finding them.

As you are watching the college and NFL action each week and see a football play that you would like for use to breakdown… let us know! That can be very helpful to us as we start diagraming on Monday mornings. Just email the game and time on the clock to!

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