All 22 Tuesday & Your NAIA Football Top 25!

By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 23, 2021

This week’s NAIA All 22 Tuesday play wasn’t enough to put them in the victory column this past Saturday, but Indiana Wesleyan has a clip for the teaching cutups this off season. Thanks to our friends at NAIA Football for this play. Late in the first half IWU had the ball second and four on the Saint Francis 25 yard line.

IWU put 11 personnel on the field and had their tight end, Charlie Hill in the backfield. With Hill doubling as a fullback, he motions to the strong side and it looks like it is about to be an obvious stay on schedule run.

However, IWU had bigger things in mind. They faked the lead play and Hill bluffed the play side linebacker before slipping out. The Wildcats had a bench route called to the X and a smash concept strong. This opened the middle of the field beautifully.

The interesting thing is that Saint Francis had six man pressure called. The coverage had to be pure zero man or some type of quarters coverage (#23 had outside leverage)

Whatever the case, there was confusion as Hill motions over to the strong side. He and the tailback become #3 and #4 strong. This means that either the inside linebacker #56 or the weak side safety had #49 as he slips out. That did not happen.

Click on the play drawing to watch this well designed play and also be sure to check out the FirstDown PlayBook NAIA Top 25 Poll below!

11Morningside (Iowa) [17]8-0418
23Grand View (Iowa) [1]6-0400
34Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)5-0386
46Keiser (Fla.)6-0339
55College of Idaho2-0332


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