All 22Tuesday Details Auburn’s Unbalanced TD

By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 24, 2019

It’s “All 22 Tuesday” and later today we will be back at it with our friends over at USA Football dissecting some of the best plays from this past weekend. One of the plays we will look at is an extremely well designed football play by the Auburn coaching staff in College Station on Saturday.

Auburn lead Texas A&M 7-0 with 45 seconds remaining in the first quarter as they were on the move again. The ball was on the Texas A&M seven yard line and Auburn was operating at an up tempo pace which they are known for.

Auburn brought their second string quarterback in the game and lined up with 12 personnel, except the second quarterback replaced one of the receivers. This was only part of the deception involved with the play. They also lined up in an unbalanced formation.

As the ball was snapped, and maybe even before, it was obvious that all of this had the A&M defense on their heels. They did not recognize the unbalanced formation and did not communicate. The result was a naked boot off of the jet sweep that had two receivers running free in the end zone.