Andy Reid Play Call: No Guts…No Glory

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 19, 2021

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When you are in a big football game and you lose your best football player it’s a big deal. Everyone on your sideline is stunned. They understand that there are a few troubling things.

First your backup is not as good or the backup would be the starter. Secondly, the backup has not taken even close to the number of practice reps that the starter has.

Obviously, the other team knows this too. They smell blood and want to set the tone immediately. Andy Reid and his Kansas City offensive staff knew all of these things Sunday when Patrick Mahomes went down midway in the third quarter.

Andy Reid also understood that thus play was an opportunity to show his entire team how the rest of the game would be handled. There were plenty of bells and whistles with this play. There was even some good acting by Williams, the tailback.

Big time credit is due here because the staff obviously took the time afforded them while the trainers and doctors were looking at Mahomes to dial up this play. They had thirteen year veteran Chad Henne ready to go. There was no doubt about that.

As you will see on this short video the tone was set. The Chiefs were going to be without one of the league’s best players but they were going to remain aggressive!

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