Arkansas Play Action Vs Quarters For 6!

By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 26, 2021

Arkansas continued their impressive run yesterday beating Texas A&M soundly 20-10. We want to take a look at this play action pass vs what looks to be quarters coverage by A&M. This play occurs in the first quarter with the Razorbacks up 3-0.

There is 3:38 on the clock. Arkansas has the ball on their own 15 yard lines and ball is in the middle of the field. Arkansas shifts #10 De’Vion over to essentially make it a two back twins set to the left. They have 11 personnel in the game with the tight end in the backfield.

Both safeties are aligned ten yards deep facing outside with their eyes on the backfield. They are showing a two deep shell. We are not in the A&M meetings but it looks to be quarters coverage of some sort. They are trying to get a safety down in the box to stop the run from a 2 deep safety look.

Bump & Run With No Help? Don’t think So.

As Arkansas fakes a lead run with the tight end as the lead blocker the Texas A&M safety is downhill in a hurry. We don’t know if the A&M corner was expecting any help on Burks #16 or not. What we do know is he did not get it and Burks ran by him for the first touchdown of the game!

Take a look at the video by clicking on the play drawing below. CBS is going call it bump and run coverage. We seriously doubt that Texas A&M would do that to their corners with no deep daft and no pressure to the quarterback. Take a look and decide for yourself!

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