Arkansas Trick Play Fake Field Goal

By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 6, 2020

We have talked about this here before on FirstDown PlayBook. Every good special teams coach knows to be on the lookout for an opponent who consistently lines up in a 7×4 overload field goal block alignment.

When you see this alignment it is a huge invitation to run a fake to the weak side. There are several ways to get to this fake. If a team consistently runs a 7×4 alignment you can straight up just call the fake to the weak side.

However, if they just mix it in every now and then, you will need to give your holder the ability to “kill” the fake vs a 6×5 alignment. It is our guess that this is what Arkansas had called yesterday when they faked this field goal vs Missouri.

This trick play fake was executed very well and was one block from a walk in touchdown for Arkansas. Take a look below at this video and take notes because you can easily run this same fake if you ever get this field goal block alignment!

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