Backs On The Wall. What’s Your Call?

By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 5, 2021

If you coach football long enough you will eventually face that team who is going to line up in a short yardage or goal line situation and try to mash you. It could also show up in some four minute situation when you need a stop in the worst way.

Yes, we get it. This is not the preferred style of play these days. However, when you look across the field and see seven offensive linemen are trotting onto the field you better have a plan. That plan will normally involve getting similar personnel on the field.

Our experience in the NFL taught us that this package on offense or defense is normally not very expansive. It is two or three plays on offense and one front with a stunt or two on defense.

On defense the key is to make the offense go sideways if they run the ball. It is essential that you spill the ball. If you do this, at least you have a chance. If you don’t, you have none.

The next part of the equation is to be aggressive on defense while still playing your defensive responsibility. That is code for cover your man if he releases. In order to do this the defender will likely have to get their hands on the eligible receiver and hold on while they play the run.

The play drawing below is one example of what you will find in the FirstDown PlayBook short yardage and goal line section. As you can see the defensive line is slanting towards the formation strength for this particular defense. There is a lot more where this came from in FirstDown PlayBook.

Call Side End:

Alignment: 5 Technique.

Key: Offensive Tackle.

Run: C Gap.

Pass: C Gap Pass Rush.

Away Side Tackle:

Alignment: 2i Technique.

Key: Offensive Guard.

Run: Stunt Into The V Neck Of The Center.

Pass: A Gap Pass Rush.

Run: Stunt Into C Gap.

Pass: D Gap Contain Pass Rush.

Mike LB:

Alignment: 30 Technique. 3-4 Yards Deep.

Key: Offensive Guard To RB.

Run To: B Gap To Scrape.

Run Away: Near B Gap To Far B Gap.

Pass: 1st RB Out To Your Side. 2nd RB Out Away From Your Side. If RB’s Block, Add On.

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