Ban Youth Tackle Football?

By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 23, 2019


As any one who frequently visits the FirstDown PlayBook Coaches Community website knows, for the most part we stick to football X & O’s. Today however, we want to take a moment to focus on what is taking place in Massachusetts.

We don’t want to get too far in the weeds on this because that’s were politics usually leads you.  We think it is important to note however that there is an effort in the state of Massachusetts called bill HD-2501 to legislate or ban youth tackle football. Over the past several years we have been fortunate to work with USA Football so we have followed this pretty closely.

This proposed ban is centered on the number of injuries in youth tackle football. There are a lot of different angles on this thing. Some like to compare the injury rate in youth tackle football to that of other youth activities. Others point to the enormous effort dedicated to making youth football a much safer game than it has ever been in the past.

The point is also being made that like many things in our society, it should be a choice. If you don’t want your child to play tackle football until you think he or she is ready ( or ever) then that’s exactly what you should do. If someone else feels differently about this then that is what they should have the right to do.

From our standpoint here at FirstDown PlayBook, we can only say that the game of football has been life changing. We still benefit from the life lessons and character reinforcement that started a long time ago with this game. We think it would be a grave mistake to deprive other young people the chance to learn the same lessons. We sincerely hope that this does not happen.

If You Would Like To Sign The Petition To Support Youth Tackle Football In Massachusetts Just Click Below


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