Bear Vs “Bad Bear” Defense

By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 11, 2020

I know a lot of you will not believe this, but the National Football League can be pure drudgery at times. Sure it is exciting and a privilege to be a part of, but try telling that to a six year veteran on day fifteen of training camp or on a 7:30 am Wednesday meeting in November.

As a coach, if you are not careful, your players will turn you off and tune you out. It won’t be intentional, but after a while as they listen to you over and over, it will happen unless you, the coach, do some things to grab and keep their attention.

Having said that, you can only imagine that the attention span of your youth football players is short as well. I always like to reference a clinic talk that I heard Jon Gruden give several years ago when I was coaching at Tennessee. He emphasized the use of pictures to drive home a point and keep your players’ attention in your meetings.

If this was a critical defense that you knew your guys had better understand, then this little visual aid could help. It would more than likely jump out in your meeting and also stick out in their mind when “Bad Bear” was called in the game. Sometimes the visual aids can be dramatic, sometimes funny, just as long as they grab your players attention during the teaching phase.

So as you prepare to teach your youth football players in a classroom setting or even on the field, consider this. Using visual aids to help your message “sink in” is a good idea at all levels of football, including with your youth or flag football team.

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