Better NFL LB Than Devin White? Show Us.

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 20, 2021

Yeah we get it. The Tampa Bay Bucs are going to Green Bay and this time is probably going to be different. Aaron Rodgers has not forgotten about the first game in Tampa or the rare pick 6 that was inflicted on him.

Having said that, you are making a big mistake if you buy all of the Brady vs Rodgers hype. The game will be (with major apologies to the special teams) decided between the offenses and the defenses.

Brady will need to figure out the much improved Green Bay defense and Rodgers had better be ready for this Tampa squad. If there are better linebackers out there in the NFL, as a combo, we don’t know who they are.

Devin White and Lavonte David are some bad dudes. They are quick, fast, well coached and generally arrive at the scene of the ball in a bad mood. This All 22 Tuesday play from this past weekend is good example.

As usual, the Saints’ Sean Payton, Pet Carmichael and Drew Brees have an excellent concept to attack the Bucs. It’s essentially a shallow cross with Alvin Kamara running a seam route from the backfield.

Devin White has a difficult job because every route in the concept affects him in some way. He settles into his coverage responsibilities and stays locked in on Brees’s eyes.

When the ball is launched…Well, we will just let you see it right here.

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