Bills Combine Execution & Trickery For 6

By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 4, 2019
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Hall of Fame Linebacker Mike Singletary

We have discussed the value (and the perils) of trick plays here at FirstDown Playbook many times. It seems to take a certain knack to dial up a trick play at just the right moment.

While the timing of the call is always important, the play call can still go up in flames if the execution is not there. Many of us watched on Thanksgiving day as the Buffalo Bills pulled off a reverse pass at a critical moment in their game against the Cowboys.

The execution was nearly perfect and we are not just talking about the skilled players who touched the ball. John Brown did an excellent job of handling the ball and throwing a nearly perfect strike to Devin Singletary for 6.

The part that most people did not see was that the Bills actually pulled their right guard on this play. This was designed to sell the initial jet sweep fake but also to help the tight end on the left side of the formation with his blocking assignment. Robert Quinn from the Cowboys was lined up over to the tight end side.

Once again, it’s always dicey when you call a trick play, particularly in the red zone where pressure often shows up. I’m sure the Bills were holding their breath hoping there was no penetration to stop this play before it ever developed. Pressure vs a guard pull is normally not good for the offense.

As it turns out it was the perfect call and that’s why this is one of our plays that we dissected this week on All 22 Tuesday. As you take a look below, understand that we have this and many more trick plays in our data base for FirstDown PlayBook members.

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