Bills Defense Played Good. They Will Have To Play Better…

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 23, 2021

What the Buffalo Bills did last week against the Ravens is not an easy thing to accomplish. Lamar Jackson is probably the most pure athlete in the NFL.

No, he is not the most proficient passer in the game but I’m here to tell you that it just does not matter. He throws well enough that you better cover everyone. You also better cover everyone and keep your eyes on him at all times.

That’s exactly what the Bills defense did. Leslie Frazier and Sean McDermott did an excellent job of installing this game plan. We will guarantee you that they also preached the message of patience.

I can’t tell you how many times I heard “they are gonna get some big plays out there today too!” before NFL games that I coached. It’s true. Great players are going to get loose every now and then.

You have to understand that and move on to the next play. The Bills did just that as they were holding Baltimore to three points on the day. As things go, though, in the NFL there is no time to rest on their laurels.

This week, when they line up they are going to be playing a dude that does it with his legs and his arm. The lessons against Baltimore will have to once again be heeded because Mahomes is going to make some plays.

The key will be, can they slow the Chiefs’ offense down enough to advance? They are going to need some help from Josh Allen and the offense in order to get this done. The best defense to play vs Patrick Mahomes is the one that does not allow him to take the field!

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