Bills Disguise Cover 2 For A Pick 6

By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 18, 2020

NFL defenses can be known for their complexity. It is a reputation well deserved at times because in order to beat the quarterbacks at this level, deception is often part of the formula.

However, often times when you go back and look at the video the defense was in a very basic alignment. The quarterback is fooled by all of the previous looks he has seen.

The Defensive Coordinator has also shown the quarterback a pre-snap look that is much different than what is called. Today’s play might just fit into this category.

We are not going to pretend to have inside knowledge about what Ben Roethlisberger sees on this play last Sunday. It is pretty obvious though that he was fooled somewhat.

The Bills show double A gap mugged linebackers and what looks to be some type of three over three coverage on the bunch formation. The Steelers are known for this formation and getting the ball out quickly.

When the ball is snapped however, the Bills rotate into a good old fashioned 2 deep zone. The underneath defenders are reading Roethlisberger’s eyes as he releases the ball.

Buffalo’s Taron Johnson breaks in front of the out route and moments later the Bills had a pick 6 on their way to a big win for the franchise. Let’s take a look at it here.

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