Bills Red Zone QB Gun Counter

By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 11, 2021

Full disclosure. We are big fans of the Buffalo Bills, but we sometimes cringe when we see how they use their franchise quarterback, Josh Allen. There’s nothing wrong with the scheme at all, but the risk and reward with Allen’s health is scary to us. This QB Gun Counter they ran last night for a touchdown is the latest example.

Our guess is you do not have Josh Allen or a quarterback that valuable on your team, so we want to feature this QB Gun Counter so you can run it. It is a well designed play that saw Allen actually trot into the end zone. Maybe the Bills knew that was going to happen!

The Bills came out in 11 personnel and initially lined up in a 3×1 formation to the left. They had their talented tight end, Dawson Knox out to the right by himself. The Chiefs didn’t show the man coverage they would eventually play. Instead they left the corner out wide with Knox. Maybe this was because Knox is a dangerous red zone target.

This Bills Red Zone QB Gun Counter Had The Double Team Come Off On The Free Safety

#19 McKenzie shifted into the back field pre-snap. Kansas City looked to have good numbers vs the run as seven defenders were either in or near the box. As the ball was snapped the man coverage responsibilities quickly revealed themselves. Kansas City LB’s #53 and #49 immediately went with the two running backs and the fake handoff to McKenzie.

The linebackers were not the only defenders fooled. The backside defensive end was not and could not be blocked by Buffalo as they pulled both the guard and tackle. Because he was not a factor from the backside the Bills had plenty of numbers play side.

The double team on the three technique ended up coming off on the poor free safety at the goal line. So obviously the Bills had plenty of blockers as this play unfolded. The interesting thing about this play is that it appears no one from the Chiefs was reading the linemen pulling. Kansas City could have stopped this play if even the defensive end #51 had trailed in the hip pocket of the pulling tackle.

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So once again, hats of to the Buffalo Bills as they may have the best team in the NFL. They have done a fantastic job. Just a little word to the wise…man take care of #17. Without him, it will not be the same! Tap on the play drawing of this QB Gun Counter below to watch the video of the play.