Blocking Or Non Blocking Flag Football

By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 9, 2018

FirstDown PlayBook fights on a weekly, if not daily basis to keep up with all of the different flag football rules out there and one of the true divisions is that some leagues allow blocking and some leagues do not allow blocking.

Just recently, FirstDown PlayBook has learned that not only do some leagues allow blocking but they require the center and sometimes other players to be blockers. Is it beginning to become apparent what our challenge is here?

Now let us first say that the FirstDown PlayBook Editing Tool is going to solve A LOT of issues and this is one of them but we also know that we still have to keep grinding to give our coaches what they need in the meanwhile.

This short video explains that we do have both blocking and non-blocking flag football plays in FirstDown PlayBook, particularly in the 7v7 flag football area, This is because we know that the girls teams in Florida are blocking and the new American Flag Football League is not so we are doing our best to keep both supplied with new plays.

Finally, we are looking into a few ways that we can organize our flag football plays so they are a little easier to get to and we will hit you up with that here in the very near future.

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