Branson Goes To Space. He Took Our Kids With Him.

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 11, 2021

Richard Branson just went to space on his own spacecraft today. Publicity stunt? One upmanship? Vote of confidence? Probably a bit of all of it. So what does that mean to you as a youth football coach? In two words…Keep Up.

Here is what is significant about what he did when he got to space. He challenged not you or me, but he challenged all of the kids out there to imagine what they can do in their lifetime.

Good for him and good for us. There are residual effects though and if you don’t see them you are going to get left behind. We have watched over the past forty years as football has experienced and endured two very opposite critiques from the public.

Our game gets way too much credit for the amount of genius it takes to play or coach it. On the other hand, it hardly ever gets enough credit for the life lessons it teaches.

Here is our takeaway from Branson’s trip to space today.

First, your young players, yes, youth football players are going to be looking to space even more than ever before. You are going to have shorter attention spans. If you want to survive this you had better not be depending on that black and white drawing you looked at 10 years ago. You must keep up.

Secondly, what you are really teaching with youth football is not how to run the power or the latest RPO or Mike linebacker pressure. You are teaching leadership and many other character traits. The same traits they are going to be looking for as we begin to travel further and further into space.

So hats off to Richard Branson because that took courage (and a lot of money). My guess is he and others like him will be looking for this same type of character and courage as space exploration grows. My other guess is that you will probably be coaching a lot of those future pioneers this fall.

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