Browns Dig Deep Into Their Bag Of Tricks
By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 3, 2019

Our friends over at USA Football Keith Grabowski and Zach Dunn have been doing a very good job of following the trends that are showing up in college and NFL football this season. FirstDown PlayBook has been fortunate to be a part of this every Tuesday and Wednesday.

One consistent trend has been the injection of misdirection offense at the higher levels of football. Using all 53 1/3 yards of a football field is nothing new and spread offenses have been taking advantage of that for several decades now. What seems to be a bit different is that coaches are more willing to involve mis-direction with Jet, Around and Reverse concepts.

That’s not all either. As you will see on this video, some teams like the Cleveland Browns are even adding an option element to some of these plays. Watch this video from First Down PlayBook’s All 22 Tuesday where we take a look at this play and how it affects the Ravens’ defense.




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