Browns Turn Over Into Under For Power Run

By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 4, 2021

Good offensive line coaches and tight end coaches know that it’s easier to run the base power play into an under front than it is an over front. Why? Because your tight end is going to lose most battles with a 6 or 7 technique defensive end at the point of attack vs an over front. This is why the Cleveland Browns turned this over front onto an under vs the Vikings yesterday.

The Browns lined up in 12 personnel on this second quarter play with 9:16 on the clock. The Vikings were leading 7-0 at the time of this 2nd & 6 call. When you line up in this two tight end wing set like the Browns did here it allows your tight ends to get a double team at the point of attack. You normally need a good double team to run the power successfully.

Now the Browns had a double team on #98 up to the backside linebacker #54. This is a block that any two tight ends should be able to execute. The tricky part for the Browns is now they have to treat this like it’s an unbalanced line for their power rules.

The play side guard pulls and gets to block the unfortunate corner #7 who is trying to set the edge. Now the center pulls as the second blocker and wraps for the play side inside linebacker #48. The Vikings half field safety does a good job of coming down to make the tackle on Kareem Hunt. However, not until the damage is done. Offensive coordinators like getting their back one on one with DB’s too.

Use Formations To Create Your Power Run Game

So if you are a high school or college tight end coach and your offensive line coach is screaming to run the power vs an over front, keep this is in your back pocket. Explain that you would love to run the power but out of this personnel grouping and formation!

FirstDown PlayBook has this play and many other ways to run the power in your varsity run section. That’s why FirstDown PlayBook is like having a football clinic and playbook tool all wrapped up in one. Bang on the play diagram to watch the play from yesterday.