Browns Used Personnel & Formation To Get This Matchup

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 6, 2021

We talk about it all the time here at FirstDown PlayBook. NFL coaches work tirelessly looking for a personnel grouping and a formation that will give them a schematic mismatch.

We will promise you that when the Cleveland Browns did exactly that when they lined up like this over the weekend. They came out in 11 personnel with the tight end as the “nub” in a 3×1 formation.

They knew they were immediately going to have one advantage with this outside zone play to Nick Chub. The 11 personnel was going to almost guarantee them that they were going to get a corner to the boundary. This corner would have to be involved with the tackle.

They had two disadvantages. The play would have to be called to the short side of the field. They would also need a receiver to cut off the backside end. As you will see, they got it done as Jarvis Landry got the cutoff block and Chubb made the corner miss.

Our point here is that you can often find the same match ups as you game plan. You just have to be disciplined and organized enough to list your formations (with personnel) and project how the defense will line up to it.

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