Bubble Or Block It? That’s Your Call.
By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 28, 2019

The old saying goes that “there are more ways than one to skin a cat”. Not sure where that saying got started, but as it applies to football, there are certainly multiple ways to solve most schematic football problems.

One of our FirstDown PlayBook coaches hit us up last week about why we drew the slot receivers blocking on some of our run plays out of a 2×2 open formation when we drew up a zone read run play? Well, the short answer is because we now have the FirstDown PlayBook Draw & Edit tool on our side which allows us to give the chalk back to you at the end of the process.

We wanted to take this one varsity run play to illustrate the point that FirstDown PlayBook is not trying to coach your football team. We are just trying to make it easier for YOU to coach your football team. Often times we will get you to an area with plays that are in your playbook and we may block it just a little differently than you do.

When this happens the FirstDown PlayBook coaches just tap on the magic “Edit” button and once they do that then that football play becomes their play. From that point on they can have at it as far as editing the play any way they see fit. Understand? If you don’t already, this video will get you home on this question. Let’s talk about how to use your slot receivers when blocking the zone read play too.


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