Bunch Flag Football Formation is Clutch For A Reason

By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 21, 2021

When you coach or play flag football defense you have some different challenges on your hands. In our opinion the number one challenge is that you are a man short! This forces you to play man coverage. This is also why offenses love the bunch flag football formation.

Let us explain. You do not have the luxury of playing a deep safety or a hole player. If you choose to play man coverage you have to cover everyone, even the center. The moment you do that you are choosing to not cover someone or not rush the quarterback.

All of this affects how you choose to play some of the other things flag football offenses throw at you. Today, on our latest edition of Flag Football Chalk Talk we look at defending bunch flag football formations and sets.

Flag football offenses love to line up in bunch because they understand that the defense is likely to be in man coverage. As we point out in this video, one of the most popular bunch sets employs the center as the point player.

The best way to avoid all of the picks and rubs and confusion these flag football offenses present, is to never let it get started. Take a look below to see how to coach this up with your flag football defense.

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