Calling All 6/8/9 Man Football Coaches!

By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 21, 2019

FirstDown PlayBook has been going to school here lately. Six man football school that is. We mentioned to you a few weeks back that we were beginning to delve into this section of football. As we have done so we have learned a lot.

We have learned not only about the different rules but also the different strategies that coaches use. It’s obviously very similar to eleven man football in some regards. Smart coaches play to to their personnel strengths and their systems reflect that.

Keep in mind that here at FirstDown PlayBook our goal is to provide you with as much playbook diversity as we can. That way regardless of your style you are not spending very much time finding or drawing what you need. Instead you are editing and organizing your playbook so you can get to the coaching.

FirstDown PlayBook will be working on this quite a bit over the holidays. If you are a six man, eight man, or nine man football coach we would live to hear from you. Every bit of input and advice we get is extremely helpful.

If you would like to coach us up on 6 man football then contact us at (512) 814-6158 or email us at Now, please check out this short video so you can see our progress.

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