Calling All Modified & Flag Football Coaches

By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 14, 2019

Now that we have migrated all of your football plays over from FirstDown PlayBook 1.0 over to 2.0 we are taking a serious look at where we go next. We already have some obvious areas where we plan to expand. A Run Pass Option area is near or at the top of the list. We also will take a deeper dive into the world of pass protection.

Today however, we want to talk about an area where we know we have to expand and refine. It’s actually two areas. The first area is flag football. Flag football is growing in our country by leaps and bounds. That is not hard to see. What’s hard to keep up with are all of the different rules and numbers associated with the various leagues out there. Now that we have the 2.0 Draw and Edit tool on our (and your) side now this is going to give us a fighting chance to take a deeper dive in this area.

The second area we want to study and grow with is modified football. Anyone who knows about the term “modified football” knows that you say a mouthful with those two words. There are so many variations of football being played. Everything from 6v6 to 9v9 tackle and versions of tackle football.

So to make a long story short, we need your help. We are going to be doing some big time research and development in these two areas over the next several months. Do you have ideas? If so, we would like to hear them. Here’s how you can contribute.

Call us at (512) 814-6158 or email us at We want to hear your suggestions about how we can grown and get better with our flag football and our modified football playbook areas!

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