Can Your Youth Football Line Block Multiple Fronts?

By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 11, 2020

You have coached your youth football offense all week on your new set of plays for your first game of the season. You know the opposing coach and you know how well he can coach football.

He is particularly good at coaching defense and his 6-2 defense dominated your offense last year. Not this year though. You have drilled your offense on exactly how to handle the 6-2 for every single one of your plays.

As your offense comes to the line of scrimmage for the very first play your center freezes. At first you don’t understand why but then you see it. There is a zero nose aligned right over top of your player about to snap the football.

The opposing coach has installed a 5-3 defense and your offensive line is lost before the first play is ever run. Odds are it’s going to be a long afternoon for you and your offense. It doesn’t have to be that way though. Not if you have FirstDown PlayBook.

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