Mental Preparation

Why We Work

Posted on March 28th, 2022

You're rolling out of bed this morning and there are a range of thoughts. Why we work might be one of them. Here's why....

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What Do You Say When Your Child Says “I Quit!”

Posted on March 8th, 2020

In a world where switching schools and football programs is the norm when things get hard, this blog from awhile back is more rele...

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Win Or Lose. You Get Back To Work…

Posted on October 28th, 2019

No matter what ails you, WORK. WORK faithfully and WORK with faith. WORK is the greatest material remedy available. ...

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6 Ways to Help Your Child Bounce Back

Posted on March 17th, 2014

We can’t give our child “bounce back” pills, like we give him tylenol for aches. There are ways you help him return to his...

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5 Ways to Breaking the Parental Habit of Negativity

Posted on February 17th, 2014

As a sports parent have you ever wondered "Why am I so negative?" Is that a question your child asks you from time to time?...

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8 Tips for Feeding Your Young Athlete

Posted on February 3rd, 2014

Your young athlete spends hours in practice and you may spend a good chunk on sports equipment, but is your child really ready to ...

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Frustrated Parent During Your Child’s Game?

Posted on January 20th, 2014

It’s easy for parents to get frustrated with their kids when they are playing sports. Why do you get frustrated?...

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6 Ways To Relieve Sports Parent Stress

Posted on November 25th, 2013

Watching your child play sports is fun, but the financial, emotional, and physical demands of athletics can result in stress for a...

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7 Questions Sports Parents Need to Ask

Posted on October 28th, 2013

Questions are the new answer, I once heard. So in sharing these questions, I would like to challenge sports parents to look inside...

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How Much Fun Should Your Child Have Playing Sports?

Posted on September 16th, 2013

For the most part, coaches and parents of small children agree that youth sports for young ones should be all about fun.  As the ...

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The Art of Motivating Your Child: 4 Truths You Must Know

Posted on July 22nd, 2013

Motivating your child can be complex. Understanding how to motivate your young athlete is not exactly an exact science; it’s mor...

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Teach Your Youth Sports Child to be a Team Player

Posted on July 8th, 2013

Why did you sign up your child to play youth sports? There’s probably a lot of reasons: to exercise, make friends, and have fun....

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