Chalk Talk Webinar #8: 5-3 Bear Defense

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 14, 2020

When most coaches envision a Bear defense they see three big players clogging up the A and B gaps. This is normally accompanied by a Mike linebacker scraping over the top in either direction.

These folks would not be wrong but there are some other great things that can get overlooked about the Bear defense. It is a great defense to line up in and get to something entirely different on the snap of the ball.

Depending on which way you stunt you can present the offense with an entirely different set of problems. These are some of the things we will cover tomorrow night as we get together for our Youth Football Chalk Talk.

This will be webinar number eight and they have been a blast. We hope you can join us this week. Sign up at the top of the page if you want to be a part of it. Oh yeah, and bring your questions!

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