Chaparral HS (CO) Reverse Pass TD

By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 12, 2021

Let’s take a look at this Chaparral HS (Colorado) reverse pass to their quarterback from this season. We are sure there was a lot of breath holding as this played out but all’s well that ends well right? This is a very hard football play to execute.

Just take the backfield action alone. The ball handling has to be pretty precise so that the players can play full speed. If they can’t play full speed, the play looses some of its “got ya” qualities. As always, it starts with the snap. Including the center, five Wolverine players touch the ball on this play. Stop and think about that for a second.

As complex as that is, this reverse pass blocking is even more difficult. There is a coaching point that always goes with a play like this. It is “you must get the play started”. What that means is you have to protect the perimeters so that the defense does not destroy your play before it even develops.

Chaparral HS is immediately looking at an eight man front so they have eight to block eight. You can see from the diagram that to the fake side they have double teams to get the play started. They also have their back #24 checking the edge before scanning back inside to pick up any late leakage. They needed him because the linebacker #51 recognized the play and came late.

Now to the really hard part. The right side of the Chaparral HS offensive line has to hang on for a really long time. The right Tackle and Tight End are in decent shape because they have a 7 technique they can double. The guy who is in trouble is the right Guard because he is locked up one on one vs a penetrating 3 technique #58.

Alternative Blocking On The Play Side Of A Reverse Pass

At the end of the day the Wolverines receiver, turned quarterback, made a great play and got the ball off to the wide open original quarterback. Once again, plays like this Chaparral HS reverse pass are hard and always seem to come off a little differently. However, we were looking at this and thinking about how you could help the right guard out a little bit.

When you watch the video you are going to see that #77 for the defense is a huge human being. The offensive line had to double him so changing that was probably not an option. The one thing that you could do when you get a 3 technique and a 7 technique to the play side is to block down with the Tackle and Tight End.

This would allow your Guard to pull and be an extra protector on the edge if #11 pulled the trigger and rushed the Quarterback. As we always say here, we don’t have all the answers, but we are always looking for different ways to do things. So congratulations to the Chaparral Wolverines, in Parker Colorado, for this huge play. Tap on the play drawing to watch he video clip.

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