Chiefs’ Dave Toub Special Teams Grading Chart

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 6, 2020

In 2004 with a lot of encouragement from General Manager Jerry Angelo, Chicago Bears new head coach Lovie Smith hired me as the assistant special teams coach. I had been on the staff the previous three years on the offensive side of the ball. Dave Toub had just taken the special teams coordinator job after working with Andy Reid and John Harbaugh at the Eagles

Being a “holdover” after a staff change in football can be hard. Fortunately for me, Dave was great to work with and I learned a lot of special teams over those two years. This was Dave’s first time being “the guy” in charge of special teams. The resume that you see below had not yet been established.

One of the things that be brought with him was a special teams grading chart that was used to measure the players game day performance on Sundays. It was my job to keep track of the points for each special teams phase and post them each and every week for the previous game.

Over the next two football seasons I got a front row seat to see just how effective this point chart was. To say that the players were competitive about it would not be doing it justice. If there was the slightest error with the grades the players noticed and I was sure to hear about it.

The effectiveness of this chart has always stuck with me and later this week I will be posting it on the FirstDown PlayBook Special Teams section. Dave has been gracious enough to re share it with me after all these years. This is something that I am certain will be helpful to you as navigate the 2020 season!

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