Chiefs Hit This RPO Repeatedly Vs Bills

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 26, 2021

We constantly preach the value of finding your core plays and calling them more than once. There are several reasons to buy into this philosophy.

The first reason is that you should make the defense stop what you are doing before you stop calling that play in a game. Too many offensive coordinators defend themselves by assuming the defense will adjust to that play once it works.

There are, however, other reasons to call a play multiple times in a game. Sometimes you can dial up a Run Pass Option that makes it hard for the defense to be right regardless of what they do.

The Kansas City Chiefs had one of those plays in their game plan this past Sunday. They hit this RPO at least three times in the game for big plays against the Buffalo Bills.

They got the ball to three different players during the course of the game. They hit Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill and also handed the ball off to Darrel Williams for a big gain late while in four minutes mode.

Now, you certainly don’t have weapons like this on your team. No one else in the world does either. However, the lesson remains the same. Here is a play that a lot of offensive coordinators would call one time and call it a day. That is a mistake.

Particularly when you are talking about RPO’s, there is a lot of milage to be had by calling a play multiple times. Don’t be surprised if you see it again in the Super Bowl!

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