Chiefs Know No One Is Going To Tackle #10
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 21, 2020

Sometimes when you have a special dude on offense you can block a play up and when there is an unblocked defender you aren’t that worried. Why? Well you just are okay with that match up.

In other words the ball carrier will make that defender miss as long as the other blockers get their job done. Kansas City’s first touchdown on Sunday was an example of this.

If you will notice the football play diagram below, #87 Travis Kelce gets a shot on the Titans’ linebacker #58. However, he does not block him at the point of attack. You will also notice that the Titans’ #35 has the unenviable task of staying with Tyreek Hill on the jet sweep across the formation. Both players, #58 and #35 are unblocked.

So yeah, when Hill accounts for two of the Titans’ defenders, the other nine Chiefs have a pretty doable job. Today on All 22 Tuesday, USA Football’s Keith Grabowski, and Zach Dunn will join FirstDown PlayBook as we dissect this and three other great football plays from this past NFL weekend!

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