Chiefs Ride This 104 Yard KOR To Playoff Bye!

By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 31, 2019

There are few things more precious to an NFL playoff team than a first round bye. The players’ bodies are worn down and to some degree there is a mental fatigue that comes with the twenty game season.

So when the Chiefs lined up against the Chargers this past Sunday they were probably counting on just facing the hard cold facts that they would be playing next week. After all, they needed the Dolphins to beat the Patriots in Foxboro and they needed a win against the Chargers.

Well, Miami pulled off the unlikely upset and the Chiefs got it done at Arrowhead. They needed a big play in the second half and that’s exactly what Mecole Hardman provided them with on this 104 yard touchdown kickoff return.

Of course just like on all touchdowns it wasn’t just the dude with the ball in his hands who should be credited. Kansas City’s Dave Toub is one of the if not the premier special teams coordinators in the NFL. He certainly had this unit oiled up and ready for this return. A closer look reveals a lot of great technique from almost the entire kickoff return unit.

Later today on All 22 Tuesday USA Football’s Keith Grabowski and I will dissect this play as well as three others. We will take you through the play diagrams as well as the video of each play. We hope you will join us!


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